You just cannot make this stuff up: Cythia McKinney says that the Nat’l Guard shot 5000 people during Katrina

Ya know… I’m just soooo proud to be from Georgia when the illustrious Cynthia McKinney starts opening her sewer.

In this case, the intellectuals in the Green Party have nominated a true criminal politician in McKinney. This time, she is asserting that National Guard troops murdered 5000 people after Hurricane Katrina.

I kid you not.
You just need to see this for yourself. (BTW: Ever wondered what “crazy” looks like? Here’s an example, just look at her eyes.)

So… What do you think?
Conservatives have some real nutjobs in the ranks, but the left just has flat out whacko’s!
Never mind the obvious issues that surround such a statement. I almost hate to even comment on this because it is just such an insane ranting by a lunatic, that the act of commenting on it, almost gives it credibility.

Notice no one in that room asked, about the logistics surrounding such a massacre? What about the family’s, what about the rosters at the prisons? And this is the type of person that we allowed into the once hallowed halls of congress?

I loved the part where she said that her source, who wanted to remain anonymous, has a son that was afraid to speak because he signed a “silence agreement, all confirmed by “insiders” in the Red Cross…

Just wow…


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