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Michael Yon – Online Magazine

I post this because Michael Yon is one of the best sources of information regarding the war on terror.

If you are not familiar with him, get that way. He is not a journalist by trade, but he is what any journalist should be. Sadly, 99% of so called journalists don’t hold a candle to this man. That would mean putting their lattes in the green zone down, and actually getting outside the wire.

You will see pictures, and read stories that the main stream media is not capable of delivering, simply because they do not have the courage.

Here just a few shots from this Special Forces trooper, turned journalist:

Selecting the material.

This Sikh man was selling shoes.


You won’t see a main stream media weenie giving shots like this.
Yon on patrol with British Para’s.

Green Zone means danger.

Approaching the abandoned compound.

Dust can be seen puffing off the sniper’s shoulder as he fired.

This is literally a shot of a man named Colonel Kurilla shooting at close range, at a terrorist who has just shot him THREE TIMES! The Colonel was hit, he rolled, and came up shooting. Now this is a brave journalist. Perhaps a criteria for battlefield journalists should be that they have experience as a soldier?


Spend some time on Mike Yon’s site, you will not regret it. Be prepared to spend a lot of time on the site however…. It will be time well spent.

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