The Obama Report Card

So, how has Obama chosen to lead over his first 30 or so days in office?

Let’s see:

  • US money for overseas abortion? Check.
  • $900 Million to aid the Gaza strip in rebuilding after the “Israeli aggression”? Check
  • Plans to drop the US missile shield in the Chech Republic and Poland in hopes that Russia will help deter Iran from building a nuke? (‘Cause we all know we can trust the Russians) Check
  • $787 billion spending bill which no elected official had time to read? Check
  • $75 billion mortgage bailout to help people who can’t afford mortgages they should not have been allowed to have in the first place? Check
  • Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac get $200 billion more each to mismanage their affairs? Check
  • 19,000 more troops sent to Afghanistan with no explainable mission statement? Check
  • $410 billion omnibus spending bill which is entirely made up of pork-laden earmarks and pet projects as pay-off to crooked lawmakers? Check
  • The Dow is down almost 2500 points since Obama’s election? Check
  • Consumer confidence at an all-time low (It’s at 25. A year ago it was in the high 70s)? Check
  • $2 trillion in more spending for Timothy Geithner’s “Financial Stability Plan”. Check
  • Money we actually have to spend for all of these bailouts? Zero
  • Screwing America’s future? Check
  • Feeling hopeless from all the change? Check

Voter Registration Fraud: Dems at the tip of the spear…

It is astonishing that the mainstream media is not all over this voter registration fraud!! Especially considering that they are the ones that pushed the stolen election drivel from our last elections. You would think that they would be all over this story, but as it is, only local media is reporting on the MASSIVE voter registration fraud that is going on. And criminal democrats on at the tip of the spear on this one!!!

The Secretary of State in Ohio actively blocked the investigation of over 200,000 mismatched voter registrations… Yes… 200,000…

Democratic officials are at the tip of the spear in regard to voter fraud…

You’ll note that most sources are local papers and news stations or blogs, few are national media or the leading dailies.  That is, while local media and blogs are covering this, the national media is downplaying it or downright ignoring it.







New Mexico–voter-registrations

North Carolina





Obama, “Spread the wealth around” equals socialist income redistribution.

Power Line – Spread your own wealth around

When Barack Obama responded to the Ohio plumber who didn’t want his taxes raised that Obama wanted to “spread the wealth around,” I wanted to tell him to spread his own wealth around. It was in any event a rare moment of candor on the part of Senator Obama.

Obama all but told the plumber that his wealth should be seized in the name of equity. The encounter played out one of the old themes of democratic politics: the appeal to the many to take from the few. It’s traditionally an easy sell in democratic regimes.

Despite Obama’s implication to the contrary, however, It doesn’t represent much in the way of change. According to the most recent (2006) data released by the IRS, the top 1 percent of filers paid nearly 40 percent of all income taxes; the top 5 percent paid 60 percent of all income taxes. The bottom 50 percent paid virtually no income taxes (3 percent of all income taxes paid).

The personal income tax, the federal government’s main source of revenue, is collected overwhelmingly from a relative handful of Americans. The large majority of all Americans pay little or no income tax.

Lets not forget Bernadine Dohrn…

Pajamas Media » Ayers-Dohrn-Obama Tie Shouldn’t Be Dismissed

Take the time to read this entire article, it is well worth it.

I suppose that this is a prime example of Obama’s willingness to meet with anyone without precondition, no matter how anti-American they are.

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has consistently
tried to discount the depth of his relationship with Bill Ayers, one of
the founding members of the Weather Underground, a radical left-wing
terrorist group that formed in 1969 and was most famous for a string of
bombings in the 1970s.

Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin hammered
Obama’s relationship with Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn over
the weekend, stating that the Democratic presidential candidate
“palled around with terrorists.”

Obama campaign manager David Axelrod and other campaign surrogates are now furtively trying to claim today
that Obama “didn’t know the history” of Ayers and
Dohrn as the leaders of America’s most infamous left-wing
terrorist group when Obama met at their home for a political
“coming out” in 1995, but their attempt to make pretend
that Barack Obama didn’t know of their terrorist past is

By 1995, Barack Obama had known Bill Ayers at least eight years
since their shared involvement in the Alliance for Better Chicago
Schools, if not longer. Bernardine Dohrn, once labeled “the most
dangerous woman in America” by none other than J. Edgar Hoover,
was also well known as the inspiration for the 1988 movie Running on Empty. Subtle terrorists they were not.

CNN lies about the Obama – Ayers ties…

A Blog For All: CNN: Obama Lies About Ayers Ties

You read that headline right. CNN actually catches Sen. Barack Obama
lying about his relationship with the terrorist Bill Ayers. It doesn’t
matter that Ayers carried out his terrorism 20 years ago, he’s still a
terrorist, and has never been held accountable for his actions. Obama
knew, or had reason to know about Ayers radical leftist positions, and
intent to bring about revolution, and yet chose to continue to have a
relationship with Ayers.

H/T Lawhawk!

Barry’s bomber buddy!

The Bomber as School Reformer by Sol Stern, City Journal 6 October 2008
Follow the link for the full story…

Damn well worth the time to read.

Sol Stern will have none of it. In “The bomber as school reformer,” Stern writes:

Calling Bill Ayers a school reformer is a bit like calling Joseph
Stalin an agricultural reformer. (If you find the metaphor strained,
consider that Walter Duranty, the infamous New York Times
reporter covering the Soviet Union in the 1930s, did, in fact, depict
Stalin as a great land reformer who created happy, productive
collective farms.) For instance, at a November 2006 education forum in
Caracas, Venezuela, with President Hugo Chávez at his side, Ayers
proclaimed his support for “the profound educational reforms under way
here in Venezuela under the leadership of President Chávez. We share
the belief that education is the motor-force of revolution. . . . I
look forward to seeing how you continue to overcome the failings of
capitalist education as you seek to create something truly new and
deeply humane.” Ayers concluded his speech by declaring that “Venezuela
is poised to offer the world a new model of education—a humanizing and
revolutionary model whose twin missions are enlightenment and
liberation,” and then, as in days of old, raised his fist and chanted:
“Viva Presidente Chávez! Viva la Revolucion Bolivariana! Hasta la
Victoria Siempre!”

Yet another Obama association that he’d rather not admit to

Another Close Obama Associate Is Caught On Tape Spewing Racist Filth Against Jews & Whitey (Video) : Founding Bloggers

Tip o the hat to the Founding Bloggers!

Al-Mansour joins Jeremiah Wright, Father Pfleger and a host of other Obama associates to slam whitey and the Jews.

Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour is well known within the black community as a lawyer, orthodox Muslim, black nationalist, author, international deal-maker, educator, and outspoken enemy of Israel.
He also was looking for backers to support Obama’s entry into Harvard Law School decades ago. Dr. Khalid al-Mansour asked prominent friends to back Obama in his efforts to attend Harvard Law School.